The IDS NIDHI Limited provides a complete financial solution. It is a subsidiary of INFOCART GROUP,IDS Nidhi Limited is one of India's leading Mutual Nidhi Company. IDS NIDHI Limited describes itself as a one-stop financial service provider that caters to the diverse needs of customers. It is certified with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. Among the various products offered by IDS Nidhi Limited to individuals, families and, are loan, saving accounts & deposit accounts. IDS Nidhi has the rules and objectives of that are the same as a bank, but it is only in effect to someone (a members group) who has agreed or joined this agreement, as a bank, but to do business for Its Member only. So if the term is a quasi-bank, i think that the rules and objectives of that are the same like the commercial bank, but this thing are only in effect to someone (a members group) who has agree/join on this agreement. If a bank, but not the one honoured to do business for public. The way we provide service to our members is far better than others and we are trying to make it much better as our aim is to provide extreme level service to people as well as to our nation. Providing a world class financial support, IDS Nidhi is continuously securing the society, we live in; on the other side, creating all new service method spontaneously IDS Nidhi is presenting a pleasant way which will help human being to lead the life comfortably. In a word we can say that IDS Nidhi is the "New Way Of Your Savings.

About Nidhi Company

A nidhi company, is one that belongs to the non-banking Indian finance sector and is recognized under section 406 of the Companies Act, 2013.Their core business is borrowing and lending money between their members. They are also known as Benefit Funds, Mutual Benefit Funds and Mutual Benefit Company. They are regulated by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Reserve Bank of India is empowered to issue directions to them in matters relating to their deposit acceptance activities. However, in recognition of the fact that these companies deal with their shareholder-members only. Nidhi means a company which has been incorporated with the object of developing the habit of thrift and reserve funds amongst its members and also receiving deposits and lending to its members only for their mutual benefit. Nidhi companies existed even prior to the existence of companies Act 2013.

Our Vision

Our goal is to help the needy people financially by providing fund into a small amount. We believe in making quality product in short marking a positive and impressive impact on the world every day. We continuously improve our products and services to satisfy customers through efficient & transparent way. We believe in the simple, not the complex.

Our Mission

We trust in building relationship with customers and make them satisfy. Our mission is to create an employee with loyalty, reliability and hard work. Our mission is to make aware about savings and values of the money so that they can change their life style.

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