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Deposit Scheme

Depositors can choose from a wide range of deposit products with maturities ranging from 12 to 60 months at competitive rates of interest and with different features to suit the investment needs of individual Members.

Daily Deposit Scheme

If you cannot save a certain amount at a one time. So you can save daily every small amount of money in our Daily Deposit Scheme. In this scheme you can save from minimum Rs 10 to more amount on daily basis through our appointed service centres who are authorized to collect amount of daily deposit and he will make an entry in the passbook for the amount collected by him from you. You have to check your passbook in every month in your branch. You all can take advantage of this profitable daily deposit scheme.

Monthaly Income Scheme

A Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) is a type of mutual fund scheme that invests in debt and equity securities. An MIS aims to provide a steady stream of income in the form of dividend payments. Therefore, it is typically attractive to retired persons or senior citizens without other substantial sources of monthly income. Available to most investors, MIS are in frequent use for investors in India.

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