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Common Tips for Safe Banking Images

  • Never respond to fraudulent calls asking for remote access, Such as Anydesk Id & Teamviewer Id.
  • Never share Username, Password, OTP, CVV, Card Number and PIN with anyone.
  • Never save Username, Password & Card details in your browser(chrome,Firefox,Internet explorer etc.).
  • Always use official website/Mobile application for banking.
  • Remove all the Temp internet files after using internet banking services.
  • Do not click on any links in any e-mail message to access the official site.
  • Change your Internet Banking password at periodical intervals.Read More about Security


  • Always logon to a site by typing the proper URL in the address bar.
  • Give your user id and password only at the authenticated login page.
  • Before providing your user id and password please ensure that the URL of the login page starts with the text ‘https://’ and is not ‘http:// ‘.The 's' stands for 'secured' and indicates that the Web page uses encryption.
  • Please also look for the lock sign (lock icon) at the right bottom of the browser and the verisign certificate.
  • Provide your personal details over phone/Internet only if you have initiated a call or session and the counterpart has been duly authenticated by you.
  • Please remember that the bank would never ask you to verify your account information through an e-mail.

  • Dont's:

  • Do not click on any link which has come through e-mail from an unexpected source.
  • It may contain malicious code or could be an attempt to 'Phish'.
  • Do not provide any information on a page which might have come up as a pop-up window.
  • Never provide your password over the phone or in response to an unsolicited request over e-mail.
  • Always remember that information like password, PIN, TIN, etc are strictly confidential and are not known even to employees/service personnel of the Bank.
  • You should therefore, never divulge such information even if asked for.

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