Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Customer Frequently Asked Questions.

Who can open Saving account?

Anyone who is the member of IDS Nidhi Limited can open Saving account by visiting our branch/Service Center.

How much interest is given on the Saving/RD/FD account by IDS Nidhi Limited?

Rate of interest is totally depend on what type of products are selected by customer. IDS Nidhi Limited has different type of Saving Account/Deposits Account produts.

What types of Loan offered by IDS Nidhi Limited?

IDS Nidhi Limited offered different types of Secure Loan to it's member such as Home Loan,Gold Loan,Mortage Loan,Pension Loan,Loan on deposit,Micro Loan,Loan on government securities.

Who can apply for Loan?

Anyone who is the member of IDS Nidhi Limited can apply for Loan by visiting our branch.

Can IDS Nidhi deny granting loan to any member?

Yes, if a member shall not be eligible for any further loan if he has borrowed any earlier loan from the Company and has defaulted in repayment of such loan.

What happens if the loan amount is not repaid on the due date?

In case loan amount is not repaid on or before the due date, penal rate of interest is charged on the loan amount.

Whether partial payments of loan and interest are accepted?

Members are free to repay part amount of loan and/or accrued interest thereon at anytime in order to reduce the interest burden on the loans. Interest is calculated on daily product basis on the amount of loan outstanding at the end of the day.

Is there any maximum and minimum limit for availing Gold Loan?

IDS Nidhi Limited may be availed for any amount between Rs.1,000 to a maximum of 20 Lakh. Loans are available for periods ranging from 3 month to one year. Our Gold loans do not have any lock- in-period.

What are the documents required for taking loan against gold ornaments?

To abide by the KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy of RBI and approved KYC norms of our Company, we insist to produce one document of identity proof and one document of residential address proof. There are no end-use restrictions in gold loans.

How can i replace membership card when it is Lost/Stolen?

Customer can replace your membership card by self via Mobile banking/Internet Banking and also by visiting either our branch or Service Center. IDS Nidhi Limited,Kalind Kung Delhi -110095